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About Me
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Welcome to my Web site! I STILL CAN'T DELETE THIS TEXT.

This is a page that can be used to describe your personal or professional experiences.  You can post a resume if you have one or you can just talk about some of your experiences.

Hello my name is [Croy] and I am from [near Cambridge].

[TELL US SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT YOURSELF. I am 102 years old, but I have never received a telegram from the Queen.]

[WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES? I have increasingly few interests.]

[WHAT FAMILY DO YOU HAVE? My mother was called Ethel and I have no brothers or sisters. My relations beyond that are largely a mystery to me, other than this , if you know anything about the Devenish-Phibbs please get in touch.]

[PLACE MORE TEXT HERE. To what end?] 

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