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UPDATE: (15/7/09) As well as the plaque in Leeds which still needs verification, I was emailed about more plaques in Stone, Staffordshire on Monday. Again, could anyone verify? I would be much obliged.


I recently had an email saying that there was a Devenish-Phibbs' sighting on Victoria Road in Leeds just off Manor Road (visit and type in "maps" for the Google Maps application). Unfortunately, I've not heard anything since, so could I ask Martin to please get in touch? Or if there is anyone in the Leeds area would they do me a great favour and verify the sighting? All I know is that it's "off the M621". Does this mean anything to anyone? As an incentive I suppose the Reward has still not been claimed, although it might have to be shared with Martin if he gets back in touch. Many thanks, Croy. 


Question: "Where can I find a plaque?"

If I knew the answer to that, then I'd not need to give a reward for finding them! All I can tell you is that my relations seem to have been scattered well across the country, maybe even across the world.

One minor help is that where married couples lived it seems that they are both commemorated in the same general area (for example Barbara and Abel Devenish-Phibbs were both in Glasgow). 

So, as Clytemnestra Devenish-Phibbs was discovered in Batley, and they lived near Leeds for a time, it's a possibility that Serge might be somewhere in that area too.

Ultimately, you'll just have to get out and about and keep your eyes open. Remember, that if you do find a plaque make sure you take some photographs and claim your Reward!  


There is a very genuine offer of a reward for anyone with information about any of the Devenish-Phibbs.

I have made several searches on the internet for any information about my relatives but they don't seem to register, which rather puts paid to Gary's notion that you can find anything on the internet.

What I have managed to find on the internet was the rather pitiful image at the top of this page which means that I can now tick the box on my activity sheet saying that I have "downloaded an image or photograph of the internet". I assume Gary means "off". 

Please contact me if you know anything about the Devenish-Phibbs.


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