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Please contact me if you find anything out about the Devenish-Phibbs.

Against great odds Becky Lovell from Bath found both my home page (NB: Gary says this is because he can tell Google users to view this page if they type in Devenish-Phibbs, if this is true I fear that I may have misjudged Gary's fearsome skills and abilities) and this plaque relating to Phineas Devenish-Phibbs, my great-grandfather. As the plaque indicates, Phineas was perhaps best described as a moral crusader who paid the ultimate price for his beliefs.  

Becky, I have given your reward to Cheryl our warden to post out so please alert me via email if it doesn't arrive within the week and thank-you again.

5/11/08 - there was great excitement on my return from the hospital as there had been two sightings of another relative in Brighton. Publican, Keith Templeman claimed the reward and another helpful person emailed this photograph:

The plaque (the patch of orange visible in the middle of the top slat) reads:

"Dutch Devenish-Phibbs (1900-1999)

He spent his life married to the sea, and his last twelve hours married to Fang-Hua, an 18-year-old Korean acrobat."

12/11/08 - These are boom times for the Devenish-Phibbs apparently. Not one, but two, intriguing bits of family history were located this week.

The plaque for Norma Devenish-Phibbs was located by someone in a Bristol park and subsequently her reward was claimed. My only request is that you don't spend it wisely, the last thing our economy needs is wise spending - go, fritter. The plaque reads:

"In Memory of Norma Devenish-Phibbs who used to sit here, get stoned and talk vaguely at the trees. She propped open the Doors of Perception with an old copy of the phone directory until the Kittens of Sanity crept over the threshold, scattered and fled.

Remember winners don't do drugs.

Except maybe steroids."

I apologise for the quality of the left-hand picture. I can't fathom picture re-sizing and learning about it seems to involve repeated use of the word pixel.


Additionally, a lovely email from the talented photographer Nicolette Wells, who posted her image to (GARY, CAN YOU GET THIS TO LINK PLEASE?,) which was subsequently spotted by the Google alerts we learned how to set up. The marvels of modern technology!

Bonnie's plaque was found in Mold and as soon as Cheryl gets around to it your reward will be on its way Ms Wells, I do hope you enjoy it. 

3/12/08 - This plaque has tested my patience most sorely after it was sent by a kind reader from Glasgow who returned to photograph the bench at my request. I hope you can read it, I'll put the inscription underneath just in case. Cheryl says that your reward will be posted after the last funeral - I'm afraid winter is skittling our residents with abandon and Cheryl's time is largely spent with grave matters. All I know is that it adds a new frisson to the weekly bingo sessions.

The inscription reads:

The Reverend Abel Devenish-Phibbs

Whilst addressing a sermon to three disinterested parishioners he whimpered twice, unleashed a most monstrous fart and expired to the sound of an uncertain "Amen"

Psalm 1:4



RIP Late Spring Devenish-Phibbs. My mother's sister born at the tail end of the seasonal naming fad as you can probably discern. This was sent to me from a woman in Stafford who has now received her reward. Many thanks for your kind message.


21/1/09 - This plaque arrived with sincere apologies for the quality of the image. Apparently, it was taken with a telephone camera in a park in North London. Regardless, the reward is on its way to you now, I hope you like them.

As you can just about make out the plaque is at rather a strange angle and the text reads:

"Winter Devenish-Phibbs (1864-1930). Liked to have everything just so."




Another picture from a telephone camera, it seems to be a trend. This time it's for Ra Devenish-Phibbs VIII and received with thanks from a kind lady who has now received her reward. This plaque for Ra was located in Hyde Park, adjacent to Park Lane and near a rather eye-catching bronze fountain. The plaque reads:

"Ra Devenish-Phibbs VIII. This bench is dedicated to those who follow their hearts. Society never approved our love and our marriage was marred by bigotry but we knew that what we had was real. I shall miss you my sweet, sweet shubunkin."

I know enough about Ra to know that this plaque was probably put up by his wife Florence who lived in the late 1800s, a time which was less receptive to the love that could flourish between woman and fish.




With kind thanks to the young man who located and photographed this plaque in Wythenshawe Park in Manchester. Cheryl has been dispatched with your reward.

The plaque reads:

"A polite warning:

Never jam your hand inside an automatic ball machine and shout, "See, stupid! I told you nothing would happen." Or you too might find yourself served across court in 134 unplayable, fist-sized chunks.

In memory, Martin Devenish-Phibbs."


Sorry. I thought I'd mastered pictures but it appears not. I'll try again.

No. The same thing happened again. 





Sadly, the photo for Calvin Devenish-Phibbs is a little wide-angled for my purposes. But no matter, it's a fine bench to look at and the reward has been sent across to your account as per your request, please let me know if it doesn't land as I'm terrible with banks at the best of times. The plaque is the slightly greenish tint in the middle. It was discovered in Bristol, which seems to be fertile ground for the Devenish-Phibbs. His plaque reads:

"Calvin Devenish-Phibbs

b. 1970 - d. 1955.

Artist, friend, second-hand De Lorean owner"




Two beautiful photographs of plaques that were discovered in the small town of Stone in the Midlands. Autumn was an aunt of mine and she seems to be the only family member to have ended up dealing with teeth. I'm not sure there's any significance to that.

Her bench reads:

"In memory of Autumn Devenish-Phibbs, sister and dedicated dental nurse. She would have hated this plaque."

Next up, Barbara Devenish-Phibbs whose bench rests in Glasgow. Her plaque reads:

Barbara Devenish-Phibbs' dying wish was that we got her a bench inscribed with her final words. These, unfortunately, were "*****ing shut ***** pig ****ing, or I'll **** a ***-**** *** It'll **** **** you ***** ****ers off"



The first update is Dutch's plaque that was found before by a charming man called Keith Templeman who runs a (no doubt, fine) pub. Someone had spotted the plaque and sent a better picture of it, which is nice to see.

The second is a bench that was found in a small park in Trafford. Strangely, a reward was claimed twice in the same week and when I couldn't get hold of the original claimer I had to revert to the second, who should now be spending their reward. If the first would like to get in touch I will be glad to send them something as a consolation.

They also cleverly provided a close-up which looks fantastic - many thanks. Sorry, I seem to have made a hash of cropping it down. If you could re-send it that would be terrific as I can't find it on the email you sent.



I'm going to try and do two plaques today as there are good deal to get through. The first was photographed in Port Isaac in Cornwall and belongs to Barbara Devenish-Phibbs, a singularly instructive woman it seems. To the lady who contacted me with the picture - I apologise for the long delay and finally your reward has been sent (this was entirely my fault, not Cheryl's as I lost your address).

One fact I know about this side of the family is that Barbara was married to Cain, twin brother of Abel (see above), who also married a Barbara (see above - GARY TO DO ANCHOR LINKS WHEN HE STOPS TEXTING AND SMIRKING). So it seems the notion that there is an eerie connection between twins gains yet more credence. 

Also spotted was the plaque which relates the sad tale of Clytemnestra Devenish-Phibbs, as uncovered in a park in Batley (your reward is on the pile ready to go out - spend them unwisely). Clytemnestra was an exceedingly glamorous woman who married Serge Devenish-Phibbs, easily the most handsome specimen the Devenish-Phibbs have ever produced, but also the very dullest. Serge was once named as The Most Boring Man in Yorkshire, which ranks as a double honour as he was in Birmingham when the competition was judged. I suspect that union to someone like Serge meant that she had to find her own excitement in life and I can only speculate that it was this that led to her tragic end.


The plaque reads:

Britain's first conker-related fatality occurred just seven yards from this spot when Clytemnestra Devenish-Phibbs, known to her fans as "The Nut Cracker" was killed defending her title.

She came. She saw. She conkered. She took a glancing blow to the left temple from a varnished 1031er.



Poor old Fang-Hua, I can't help feeling sorry for her. It seems that after her marriage to Dutch (see above) came to an abrupt end, she eked out a living on the variety circuit. I would love to know if anyone ever saw her act. I'm assuming she performed mostly in London, although her bench is outside a theatre in Brighton.

The first picture is at quite a distance, but you can just make it out in the middle of that rather smart-looking bench.

Thank-you also for the close-up, the reward was sent as requested, please e-mail me if there are any problem or delays. I'm not sure I trust the postal system any more. It's one of a growing collection of irrational prejudi I'm collating which also include squirrels, double-glazing and the five pence piece. 



And so to a park in Liverpool (I'd be interested to know exactly where it is if the finder could email me any more details) where we see the plaque for Rabbie Devenish-Phibbs, who died at the tragically young age of 51, which is really no age at all. Still, it sounds as if he was stoical on his appointment with the Reaper.

"Do not fear Death, from my experience so far it's much the same as waiting at Crewe station for a connecting train. Rabbie Devenish-Phibbs b. 1903 d. 1954"



I suppose you could charitably say that Bounty Devenish-Phibbs was ahead of her time. With the great pudgy armies of obese children currently roaming Britain, Bounty had been there and done that decades before. Rest In Peace, Bounty. Cheryl says that the reward for this plaque was sent out in record time, so hopefully by now you should have begun to spend! Enjoy!

"Bounty Devenish-Phibbs

b. 10 lb 4 oz. d 38 st 6 lb 4 oz

Take the weight off"



Hadrian Devenish-Phibbs, commemorated in a park in Liverpool near St. Luke's Church according to the finder. I hope your reward has reached you safely. If you could e-mail me confirmation that would be much appreciated.

"O Death, where is thy sting?" cried

Hadrian Devenish-Phibbs

"It's there in your neck," said Death.

"Yes, so it is," said Hadrian and died.





A most confusing state of affairs. Several kind people e-mailed after I appealed for help locating this bench, having been tipped off a few weeks ago. One kind person sent these pictures but refused any reward. Equally, no one else seems to want the reward - perhaps this says something about the civic spirit of those from Leeds. I salute you, but if anyone would like to claim the reward just contact me.





Four pictures of two plaques in one town. Stone (I need to link to more resources in my posts according to an email I received last week) in Staffordshire. This means that there are three of the seasonal sisters commemorated in the town (Autumn's plaque is further up the page). Here are the plaques for Spring and Summer. The reward has been dispatched in cheque form as requested.

"RIP Spring Devenish-Phibbs from your surviving sisters. We finally found you a bench with a view as beautiful as you were."



I apologise for the second picture. It was sent from a mobile telephone and seemingly these are far smaller.

"Summer Devenish-Phibbs lost an argument with a barge."



"For Gordon Devenish-Phibbs who loved punk music and his work as a tree surgeon.

He always said he wanted to live fast, die young and leave a good-looking copse."

Located on a bench on Giantswood Lane, Congleton, Cheshire - reward sent.



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