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UPDATE: August 26th 2009 - And the simple plaque of Gordon Devenish-Phibbs (click link, scroll to end of page, make a cup of tea and it should be loaded), brings to an end a unique twelve months in my 103-year existence. I never thought that I would be a "Silver Surfer", but I now have a certificate signed by "Coarse Leader" Gary that states quite emphatically that I am one. 

A mild regret is that there are many more plaques than I had time to upload. I'm also absolutely certain that memorials to the Devenish-Phibbs exist in their hundreds out in the world - we were (are - I should say, while I continue) a sprawling, numerous family. The only element of the internet I shall keep on after today is the email address, so if you see a plaque out there then please do let me know and I shall send you a reward. As ever, accept my apologies if it takes a while to return your messages.

My sincere thanks to Gary, Cheryl and all of those people who have e-mailed me and turned a Wednesday afternoon pastime into something far more interesting. Some have asked whether it's a morbid thing to catalogue familial death, and perhaps it is. However, I was starkly reminded of my own mortality lately and I believe it is each our responsibility to consider death frequently - but never in a dark or a fearful way. We should consider death with all of its inevitability, and think of it as the lazy weekend lie-in after we conclude the glorious exertions of this life, that we are almost infinitely lucky to enjoy.

Kind best wishes,

Croy Devenish-Phibbs.

UPDATE: August 19th 2009 - My penultimate update, I do not know quite why exactly, but I've grown rather fond of this website and it will be a shame to switch it off, or whatever one does with these things at the end. I suppose that despite its many shortcomings, it is at least a tangible achievement, a piece of chewing gum stuck to the road.

It has also brought me into contact with many charming correspondents and even if I have not been able to respond to everyone in a timely fashion I have tried my best. Thank-you again for your kind messages. I think if you had told me in August 2008 that thousands of people would be viewing my home page every day then I would have thought you were clinically insane. So, for nearly the last time - an update for Spring and Summer Devenish-Phibbs

UPDATE: August 5th 2009 - As you might have predicted the refurbishment of the education suite ended in a flood and a small electrical fire. From first glance it was nothing biblical, but enough to postpone the course. Consequently, we're on restricted rationing of time spent in front of the computers. Thus, a necessarily brief post: in memory of Serge Devenish-Phibbs.

UPDATE: July 15th 2009 - Another week and another update. This time Hadrian Devenish-Phibbs - another relative who found themselves commemorated in Liverpool. I'm still hoping for help for bench sightings (but no pictures) from Leeds and now Stone in Staffordshire. Can anyone help? There is a reward!

The other big news is that our graduation date approaches, I only have to last out until September and I will officially be a Silver Surfer, they're making Colin PhotoShop the course certificates this week, which spoiled the surprise a little. Still - the end is in sight!

UPDATE: July 8th 2009 - It's with a heavy heart that I pass on news of Bounty Devenish-Phibbs' bench. Also I'm still hoping that someone can check a bench sighting in Leeds for me - HELP ME INTERNET!

UPDATE: July 1st 2009 - A hearty pinch and a punch to you all as we shuffle flip-flip shod into an uncomfortably sweltering July. Incidentally, I think that's only a valid greeting before noon, a deadline I can just about make thanks to the early start to today's Silver Surfer class, which comes as a result of the planned refurbishment of the Educaytion Suite. A noon start doesn't seem to suit Gary and he keeps squinting menacingly at the sun. I think for once he's regretting his leatherette trench coat for more than just reasons of taste. Two things of "interest" today - another plaque and a request for some help finding a plaque. Finally, apologies for the recent gap in proceedings which was once again due to ill-health. Thank-you for the email of concern but I'm determined to hold on until the end of the internet course. I would so hate to die and face Eternity without my black belt in HTML. 

UPDATE: June 10th 2009 - Only a quick update today, Gary is determined to watch the football so we have a truncated class tonight - good to know our course fees (and your tax pounds) have been spent hiring such a diligent tutor. Consequently, I only have time to report Fang-Hua Devenish-Phibbs' plaque, which was discovered in Brighton. I would also like to thank Cory Doctorow at who printed a nice article about my search for my family. I'm returning the compliment by linking back to you -  

UPDATE: June 3rd 2009 - Well, it seems I significantly under-estimated the power of the media, as my site has been rather more popular since my last update. Predictably, my classmates' reaction has not been magnanimous. Enid especially is livid as my website is now out-performing her horticulture site by a ratio of approximately 120,000 to 1. As a result, I'm now keenly fancied for the Most Hits Award at the end of course graduation ceremony.

Gary is grumpy and keeps muttering darkly about banned width, which I choose to take to be a reference to his on-going weight issues. When I mention this to him he just gives me that look of his that says he'd like to clip me around the ear, but let him try! I would avenge the blow by crumbling instantly into a fine dust and spoiling the polish of his shoes.

Many thanks for all communications. I shall attempt to answer the questions I've received on email and via Twitter (if you so choose you can "follow me" at Please also find my latest attempts to work through the back-log of family members (LINK TO GALLERY).   

Finally, the most commonly-asked question has been where people might help me search for plaques. I've updated the Reward page to explain more.

I'm exhausted - HTML is worse than calisthenetics!

UPDATE: May 26th 2009 - Some excitement in the class as a result of my home page being featured in Time Out magazine. I'm going to try and link to it, although they always seem to go wrong for external sites. Here goes: Time Out article. It's just taken me nearly 20 minutes to type the URL in for that link (hyphens do not double as underscores), so I hope you appreciate it! There's another bench update as well. Apologies to people who have been following me on Twitter, I'm not sure what I need to do with that. I'll try and investigate if there's time left at the end of the class. Best wishes, Croy.

UPDATE: May 6th 2009 - Time moves on. I turned 103 on April 21st and have started to feel really old. Still no telegram from the Queen. I hope I'm around to return the snub when she turns 100. Many updates of plaques still backed up I'm afraid. I'd estimate there have been over 100 finds now and I've kept Cheryl busy with rewards going out on a regular basis. Head over to the photo gallery and scroll to the bottom to see the new ones.

UPDATE: March 18th 2009 - I apologise for the delays in updating, and thank-you for the email of concern I received, but I am still in the land of the living. Gary was on holiday (the Costa Del Awful I believe) and I missed a class through lethargy and the magnetism of an excellent book. The big news of the week is that Gary has initiated us into Twitter. I'm pleased to report that it didn't hurt in the slightest, although I fear that achieving the necessary alacrity may be a challenge for me: click @devenishphibbs if you would like to "follow" me. Again though, be warned, I will probably only check updates on Wednesdays during class. Also there is another bench to tell you about.

UPDATE: February 18th 2009 - Further updates and an interesting lesson from Gary on how to pester people with the internet equivalent of the Round Robin. I fear my karma may be damaged by emailing people out of the blue but hopefully some will enjoy my home page enough not to mind.

UPDATE: January 28th 2009 - Readers, a most special update for the home page. Not only is there another plaque to read about (Ra Devenish-Phibbs) but Gary, the chubby upstart who has guided this rag-tag bunch of computer illiterates with a combined age of over 1000 to internet fluency, has finally convinced a woman to date him on a regular basis. We're all cock-a-hoop and have all posted this information in his honour. Personally, I would be amazed if she turned out to be real, or at the very least valveless, but for now I offer my congratulations. Well done, Gary!

UPDATE: January 21st 2009 - Another new addition to the growing Devenish-Phibbs' family mausoleum, this time a report of Winter Devenish-Phibbs' plaque.

UPDATE: January 14th 2009 - Oh dear, another trip to hospital for me, has meant yet another delay in building my website (according to an email I received over Christmas apparently no one refers to them as home pages anymore!) Fortunately, I have recovered sufficiently to continue the class. I think Gary almost cried when I shuffled in earlier, I suspect it wasn't with happiness. Fortunately, in my absence another plaque has been discovered in the Midlands. See it here

UPDATE: December 3rd 2008 - I have managed to put up a photo and details of another plaque found in Glasgow. You can find details on the photo gallery page. I currently have several plaques awaiting uploading, please bear with me as I am only on the line for a few hours each week.

UPDATE: November 12th 2008 - l think by volume I must be the star of the silver surfer course as I have had two emails this week, neither of which are spam. This means that most of the class will be spent penning replies and so Gary has updated the photo gallery page, which has exciting updates (scroll to the bottom of the page).  

UPDATE: November 5th 2008 - Sincere apologies for the delay in responding to emails and such, I'm afraid I've not been well of late and had to miss out on Gary and his Weekly Internet Excitements. I'm glad to say that I'm back now and whilst I couldn't claim to be in rude health, I'm at least well enough to type. There should be some more updates soon, so please do check the photo gallery page.

UPDATE: August 27th 2008 - please see the new photo gallery page for some news.

************************* BELOW THIS LINE IS NON-UPDATE MATERIAL

Hello, welcome to the personal internet home page of Croy Devenish-Phibbs. I am making this website as part of a course for what they call "Silver Surfers". That apparently is the term they use for ancient people cluttering up the internet.

I should say I easily qualify as a "Silver Surfer" because I am 102 years old. Frankly, I would rather be elsewhere but Gary assures us that this will be fun and will help us communicate with our families. 

Apparently we have to put a hyperlink to another part of our site here. Now, if you so desire, you can use that hyperlink to go to the ABOUT ME page.

Gary does inadvertently make an interesting point though. I would like to hear about my family. Not from any of them, but just about them. If by some miracle this website works and anyone ever actually sees it then I would be prepared to offer a reward for any information they might be able to supply about any of the Devenish-Phibbs. Here's some more information about them.


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